what i’ve been reading.

I have been slacking on writing.  But I haven’t been slacking on reading.  Here are the articles that have peaked my interest this week.  And I intend, at some point this weekend, to muse on a couple of these topics.

i’ve been reading:

Bristol Palin Wants Obama Phone Call (CNN)

Republican Voters Embrace Government (Economist’s View)

Gingrich Identifies His Real Opponent: Elite Media (NY Times)

Soldier Charged with 17 Murder Counts in Afghan Rampage, May Face Death (CNN)

Does It Matter Whether God Exists? (NY Times OpEd)

Extending the Narrative (Seth Godin)

A Piece of My Mind: Respect my agency 2012! (Uganda 2012)

The White Savior Industrial Complex (the Atlantic)

Microcredit Doesn’t End Poverty, Despite All Hype (Washington Post)

Maybe Not So Silly? (David Roodman)

Amartya Sen’s Commitments (Economist’s View)

The World Bank Has No Real Intentions of Reducing Poverty (Global Post)

Why Jim Young Kim Will Be A Good World Bank President (Foreign Policy)

Why Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Should Be the Next Head of the World Bank (CGD)

Saying Goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger (The Daily Beast)

i’ve been watching: 

Game Change (HBO) x 2 (yes, twice.)

Project Nim

Bottle Shock (a favorite)

i’ve been listening to: 

Fiona Apple: Anything We Want, Valentine + Every Single Night. (on repeat)


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