what i’ve been reading.

Once again, the writing seems to slow but the reading never does.  Here are the articles from the past week that I have left open on my computer with the intention of musing on them at some point…

Wikileaks’ Death Knell for Invisible Children’s Kony 2012? via Justice in Conflict

Latest (Microcredit) Impact Research: Inching Towards Generalization via CGAP by David Roodman

Does Anyone at Apple Have a Soul via Foreign Policy

Another Bite of the Apple via Foreign Policy

Foxconn Bears the Brunt of Ivory Tower Assault on Capitalism via TechCrunch

Haitian Farmers Call on US to Stop Subsidizing Its Own via Global Post

Nebraska Votes To Restore Prenatal Medicaid for Illegal Immigrants via Global Post

These Inmates Pay Their Debt to Society By Caring for the Planet via CoExist by Fast Company

Yes, I Just Paid $1,600 for a Set of Encyclopedia Brittanica via Freakonomics



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