The Muser

Hi.  I’m Stacy.

Some of you might know me as the former co-Founder and CEO of Give To Get Jobs.

I launched Give To Get Jobs on May 2nd, 2011 with the best business partner I could ask for, my mom.

Give To Get Jobs was a job board and information hub for jobs in the for-profit sector with a social and/or environmental mission, mainly jobs in social enterprise and corporate social responsibility.  As a social enterprise ourselves, we donated a portion of the proceeds from each job posting to fund job creation programs.

Though the site is no longer active, I plan on reviving the social enterprise database and information portion of the site soon.

Some of you might know me simply as someone who is passionate about international development, human rights, and social justice.

That has been one big constant in my life.

I grew up in the small quintessential New England town of Hingham, just south of Boston.  My first house was on the historical African American street in town.  Standing at the bus stop, I was in the minority.  That was pretty impressive given that Hingham is over 95% Caucasian.  My parents even took a picture.  In elementary school, we moved to the ritziest new development in town.  After we moved, I noticed that when I saw a minority walking around the neighborhood I immediately knew they didn’t live there.  And something wasn’t right about that.

By my sophomore year in high school I had founded the Amnesty International Chapter at Hingham High.

Then, at Wake Forest University (Go Deacs!), as a Religious Studies major with a focus on South Asia and a double minor in International Studies and International Development & Policy, I created my own human rights major.

I was fortunate enough to receive a Richter Scholarship for Independent Study abroad.  I used the scholarship to spend another summer studying microcredit and access to economic rights as an avenue for women empowerment in Nepal.   I lived with a mother and daughter in a small Dalit village in the Kathmandu valley.  As you can imagine, that was an unbelievable experience.

Besides conducting research and meeting the warmest and most amazing group of people, I had the opportunity to trek up to the Annapurna Sanctuary.  Another highlight of my life thus far.

I couldn’t leave empty handed.  Leaving Nepal, I knew what I was devoting my life to and I wanted to make sure I never forgot it.  I decided to get a tattoo on my last day.  My tattoo, spanning across the inside arch of my foot, reads Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu in Sanskrit.  It means: may all beings everywhere attain happiness and freedom.

I came back to school my senior year with an even greater love for international development.  But I had another love.  This one proposed.  A year older than me, he had graduated the previous May and was shipping off to Southern California to start his PhD program.  By saying yes, I committed to living in LA for a good 5-6 years after graduation.

When I first moved to LA, an area void of an international development sector, I underwent an exploratory phase.  I spent time in academia conducting research on homeless youth and leadership.  I also managed a research consortium focused on equity issues and policing.  And volunteered in the non-profit sector at a cultural center.  But I wasn’t quite satisfied.  So in a moment of weakness, I had a brief stint in the corporate sector.  But, this job working in a small corporate tax law firm left me feeling incredibly unfulfilled.

I became increasingly interested in the gray area between the non-profit and for-profit worlds.  This led me to start my own social enterprise, Give To Get Jobs.

Since then I’ve moved back east to Durham, NC where I’m trying to find my next big project.

But international development and human rights will always be my first love.

This blog is my way of staying connected to the issues and fields I care deeply about.  All thoughts are my own.  This is a blog where I share my opinion on some of the biggest issues facing the world today.  The key word is opinion.  I am not a journalist.  Please do not take what I say as pure fact.  It is simply my mind musing on the world. 

When I’m not working…

You can find me hiking, exploring the south, wine tasting, reading, or curling up on the couch with my husband and our dog.


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