International Development

I majored in Religious Studies and double minored in International Development & Policy and International Studies.  International Development is a sector that I am very passionate about and a field I wanted to go into.  Moving to Los Angeles, made that difficult.  But I still try to stay up to date and have a lot of opinions on what is going on in the international development sector.

the bitter reality of TOMS coffee

storytelling is great, but real impact is better.

the great slacktivism debate.

skoll world forum: eve ensler and the transfer of money. 

the translator: daoud hari’s memoir on darfur and the plight of refugees.


3 thoughts on “International Development

  1. I just found your blog through Medium. Are you still posting on here? As an international development student, it’s always great to see other people blogging about development topics.

    1. Stacy Mc.

      Trying to revive it! I have topics floating around in my mind, I just need to be better about putting them on paper. And I agree! I’m hopefully going back for my PhD soon focusing on international development policy and would love to add to my reading list/connect with likeminded people.

  2. For sure! There’s definitely a balance between trying to produce a lot of content and producing content we think is worth reading. I’ve only been blogging for a couple months so any comments you have would be really helpful.

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